Pre-Travel Examinations

If you plan on traveling with your pet, whether it be state-to-state (excluding Hawaii) or to Mexico or Canada, by a USDA-certified veterinarian to ensure your pet’s health. This certificate requires a veterinarian’s examination and proof of current vaccines. 

All our veterinarians are USDA-certified and can provide health certificates for your cats and dogs for domestic and international travel.

Health Certificates:

Ensure you know your airline’s timeline for completing a health certificate before travel. Generally, health certificates must be completed within ten days of domestic airline travel.

InternationalCanada and Mexico
Be aware of any timelines needed to complete your pre-travel health checks. All countries have different requirements; some are much more stringent and complex than others. It may be necessary to begin the process at least six months before travel. It’s often recommended (and beneficial) to use a pet transport company to help in the process.

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